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As a non governmental organization we had implemented different projects for the benefeciaries since 1996. Many governmental & non governmental organizations such as Sri Lanka – Canada development fund, United Nations Development program, Ministry of wild recourse & environment, Southern development Authority of Sri Lanka……are provided financial support for our service and USAID-OTI program, REVIVE organization , UNDP-PTF organization implemented the successful projects with us. We would like to inform that all of the projects we implemented are completly successfull. Details about that are given follows: more 


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A social system based on women’s  energy with the conservation of environmental data and development without any ethnic religious or cast difference.


September 10, 2010Posted by epf


Our  Mission is to Conserve  environmental data of Sri Lanka, overcome poverty, develop villages  with  participation of comminutes .with the leadership of women without caring any ethnic ,religious or cast difference child mental  development and create mutual  living among different ethnic groups.